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How do farmers protect crops from massive Elephants without killing them? By using bees and ants!

A Swarm of Bees: Elephants Are Terrified of them

A Swarm of Bees: Elephants Are Terrified of Them.

We all know Elephants to be large, majestic creatures, seemingly unfazed by the wildlife around them. Perhaps you’ve heard the belief that they are afraid of mice, and thought it curious given how small mice are.

Well, while elephants’ fear of mice may be just a myth, they seem to be very much afraid of even smaller creatures – bees and ants!

The very notion is somewhat comical when you picture it, and seems highly unlikely. However,

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Indian Elephants are killing people in an unprecedented and alarming manner. Why?

Villagers Running From An Elephant: Indian Elephants Killing People.

Villagers Running From An Elephant (Photo: YouTube)

The elephant is one animal you can’t help but notice while in India.

They are highly revered in Indian culture, history, and religion  and you’ll easily notice images and statues of them in many temples and palaces too.

But though these animals form an important part of Indian culture and beliefs, recent events point to a situation that can best be described as critical and out-of-hand. 

In recent times, Indian elephants have been implicated in the death of many people. In fact, statistics released just this month from India’s Environment Ministry show that the death toll is 1,144 people between April 2014 and May 2017.

That translates to at least one human fatality every day over the last three years!

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Here are the facts about what really happens behind the scenes in the Elephant Entertainment Industry.

Circus Elephants: Elephant Entertainment

A Group Of Elephants Perfroming In A Circus Show. (Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons)

If you’ve ever taken an elephant back ride or watched an elephant show at a circus or other amusement center, you may have wondered how their keepers are able to keep these towering animals in line.

There are two main species of elephant today: the Asian and African elephants. And though the African elephant is generally larger, both species collectively are the largest terrestrial creatures on earth today. But, the Asian elephant in particular is used for several entertainment ventures. Especially in countries like Thailand.

So why is this practice so popular?

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