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Elephant Jumbo Chan Chao Beaten by Handler

In Thailand, an Asian elephant named Jumbo Chan Chao was beaten by his handler, Peerapat. On Monday, the elephant was getting ready to give a ride to tourists. The handler is seen behind another elephant while moving from one spot to another. Once in full view, he is seen beating the elephant on its head. The blow was so severe that the elephant’s knees gave out right under him. The hander again strikes the elephant on the head using the bullhook as the elephant keeps walking. 

Peerapat, the 18-year-old hander, was made to apologize to the elephant. Jumbo Chan Chao is also 18, and the hander grew up around him. His father was also an elephant handler, and he has been around elephants his whole life. The teen also said, “Using the hook is not done often, but only when the elephant is stubborn. If they are not controlled, in the future they will become fierce.” This idea and mentality need to change if we want to see elephant cruelty end. 

While his kneeling and food offering to the elephant was broadcast on television, it wasn’t enough. The manager has fired the teen, and the police are looking into the incident. Sadly, this will not end the horrible practice of working elephants. 

Be Careful What You Pay For

The tourists recorded the video, which was released to the police and the public. They did not want to be named but wanted to show and stop this unnecessary cruelty. The incident happened at the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. Ayutthaya Elephant Palace is a tourist attraction spot that allows you to ride, feed and take pictures with the elephants. They are not a sanctuary, and the elephants don’t live a leisurely life. Instead, they are forced to give rides to people on the busy streets of Thailand. 

If you are visiting Thailand, please never pay to ride an elephant. If a sanctuary allows people to ride the elephant, it’s not a true sanctuary. It would be best if you never used elephants for tourism or entertainment. They deserve to be free with their herd, enjoying life in the wild.

As for Jumbo Chan Chao, the vet said his injuries should heal within a week. Animal activists such as PETA and Watchdog Thailand are appalled and aim to end this horrific tradition. 

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