Elephant Tattoo Ideas: 25 Stunning Designs You’ll Love

Show your loyalty to one of the most awesome creatures on earth by getting an Elephant Tattoo. Here's our compilation of 25 stunning designs you'll love.

Elephants are one of the most amazing creatures alive today. Show your love with a stunning Elephant Tattoo. 

elephant tattoos

Whether Asian or African, elephants are presently the largest terrestrial mammals on earth and funny enough, they are the only mammals that can’t jump.

Of course, that might not come as a surprise owing to their large body mass.

For elephant lovers out there, you do not need to go down to the zoo to get a grasp of them. How about some body art to commemorate your favorite animal?

One would consider them as the sign of strength, power, and intelligence. While to others, they carry a tremendous significance in their culture.

When settling for any of the below elephant tattoos, you’ll surely be spoiled for choice. So whether large and fierce or small and cute, for male or female, here are 25 stunning elephant tattoos you’ll love.

25 Stunning Elephant Tattoo Designs

1) Elephant And Rose Flower Hip Tattoo

elephant tattoos
Photo: Pinterest 

A bold hip tattoo for ladies with showy rose flowers on the foreground.

Not colorful but bold enough to turn heads.

2) Tribal Elephant Head

elephant tattoos
Photo: Pinterest

The beautiful artwork in this piece is outstanding. For any lady out there in love with elephants, you will love it. The clever choice of colors blend well with the tribal accents.

3) Minimalist Elephant Family Foot Tattoo

elephant tattoos
Photo: Pinterest

A mother elephant with love shows her babies the way as they follow suit. This minimalist  illustration is ideal for those summer outings where you would want to wear only straps or flip-flops.

It would look great on your foot.

4) Whispering Baby Elephant Tattoo

elephant tattoos
Photo: Pinterest

How about when stuck in a situation, a baby elephant whispers to your ear what to do next? This cute baby elephant art just at the back of your ear is out of the way but spectacular.

Sometimes, small is best.

5) Infinity Loop Elephant

elephant tattoos
Photo: Pinterest

An elephant walks by in a string that spells out “love” with birds flying on the other end. The entire string forms an infinity symbol.

6) Heartbeat Elephant Body Art

elephant tattoos
Photo: Pinterest

At times, you may want to try out different ink colors. How about white ink?

This white ink heartbeat elephant will look great on your shoulder, rib area or back.

7) Watercolor Elephant Tattoo

elephant tattoos
Photo: Pinterest

A striking design using watercolor. It’s complimented with birds flying on the horizon. Also, it would look great on your upper back.

8) Bejeweled Elephant Tattoo

elephant tattoo
Photo: Pinterest

Distinct art and well delivered bejeweled elephant head. The ruby contrasts well with the green leaves for a stylish pop of color.

9) Drinking Elephant Tattoo

elephant tattoo
Photo: Pinterest/Twitter.com

Somewhat dark and brooding but well detailed body art. It’s a half sleeve design that covers your lower arm artistically.

10) Elephant Jungle Scene

elephant tattoo
Photo: Nextluxury.com/Pinterest

A bold tattoo for men. Complete with trees in the background. This elephant marches forward majestically.

11) Butterfly Elephant Tattoo

elephant tattoo
Photo: Koray Karagozler/Pinterest

This is just right and suitable for that bikini outfit. You wouldn’t normally relate butterflies with elephants but the artiste has beautifully incorporated butterfly wings into elephant ears.

12) Elephant Face Finger Art

elephant tattoo
Photo: TatooViral on Pinterest

No one would miss noticing this tiny but incredible piece of art and the detailing applied to this tattoo.

13) Ankle Elephant Tattoo

elephant tattoo
Photo: Little Tattoos on Pinterest

A trumpeting elephant is marching boldly on your ankle.

14) Elephant Family On The Move

elephant tattoo
Art by Dr. Woo (Photo: Refinery29.com/Pinterest)

A very inspirational elephant family tattoo on the upper back.

Actually, it could convey different things depending on how you look at it. For instance, it could show protection and leadership.

The baby elephants are protected by the older pachyderms in the front and back, just in case they feel obliged not to carry on with their journey.

15) Piano Elephant

elephant tattoo
Photo: Pinterest

Combine the beauty of baby elephants and music!

A lovely baby elephant is playing the piano while being submerged entirely in the mood of the song. Simple but it carries deep meaning.

16) Inspirational Mother and Baby Elephant

elephant tattoo
Photo: Aufeminin on Pinterest

It’s all secure for this baby elephant trailing behind its mom. ” I am because you are” so say the accompanying words to this design.

17) Playful Baby Elephants

elephant tattoo
Photo: Pinterest

Two calves with their trunks intertwined in love.

18) Be Kind, Be Brave. Elephant Tattoo

elephant tattoos
Photo: MOE on Pinterest

The dominant two in the jungle all in one. Sometimes power can accompany kindness.

19) I Got You Elephant Tattoo

elephant tattoo
Photo: Pinterest

An elephant mom, her baby, a clock, and a rose flower. Through the test of time, I always got your back. That is what the mom seems to be telling her baby as she holds the calf protectively.

Very inspirational and comforting.

20) Elephant Family Half Sleeve Body Art

elephant tattoo
Photo: Pinterest

Distinct watercolor elephant mom looks on as her two cubs march forward in unison.

21) Full Sleeve Jungle Scene Tattoo

elephant tattoos
Art by Dylan Weber Tattoo Artists, Sydney, Australia (Photo: Pinterest)

Skilfully detailed and magnificent African nature full arm art.

22) The Big Five

elephant tattoo
Photo: Tattooshunter.com/Pinterest

Full arm beautiful and realistic body art illustration of the African jungle’s “big five”.

23) Elephant Foliage Tattoo

elephant tattoo
Photo: Instagram/Pinterest

No doubt, this has got be one of the most realistic looking elephant tattoos ever.

It’s a marvelous, all-back elephant tattoo. Also, the flowers and vegetation add up to a very unique look. This is just amazing.

24) Elephant Warrior Tattoo

elephant tattoos

Looking for another bold all-back tattoo? How about a vigilante and battle-ready elephant that looks over you?

25) Best Friend Elephant Tattoo

elephant tattoos
Photo: Tattoo Blend/Pinterest

If there’s a better way to celebrate friendship, it would be to have matching tattoos. And best of all, the two come together to form a whole elephant.

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