croc attacks a baby elephant

Crocodile Attacks a Baby Elephant

On Sunday, a video where a crocodile attacks a baby elephant went viral. The short video comes from India, where a herd of elephants was drinking water. Then out of nowhere, a crocodile jumps and attaches its sharp teeth to the baby elephant’s trunk. While all the other elephants run out of the way, the small elephant struggles to twirl the crocodile off of its trunk.

Then, like for many of us, the mother came to the calf’s rescue. She acted quickly and stomped on the crocodile until it let go of the baby elephant’s trunk. The short video is only fifteen seconds long but it shows the length a mother elephant will go to protect her child. While this is not the first time a crocodile attacks a baby elephant, watching a mother at work is still impressive. These giant and majestic elephants will protect their young in all ways possible.

Crocodiles are opportunist hunters. Since they dwell in the water, waiting for the prey to come to them is easy. It is common for crocodiles to attack elephants and other larger mammals like a hippopotamus that come close to their water. Crocodiles also tend to be more territorial and vicious during mating season.

In India, there used to be seven different species of crocodiles. Over the years, their numbers have winded down to only three species. Today, saltwater crocodiles, gharial crocodiles, and mugger crocs exist in India. Crocodiles are depicted in many Hindu paintings and sculptures among gods and goddesses. They are considered guardians of gateways in Hindu tradition and mythology.

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