Dramatic Elephant Rescue in Thailand

On Wednesday, experts got to witness a dramatic elephant rescue in Thailand. A baby elephant slipped into a manhole in central Thailand and could not get out. A resident discovered the elephant and alerted the authorities.

When the authorities came to the site, they could not do anything because the mother was there. She was standing over the manhole, protecting her calf. To get to the calf, the wildlife authorities had to sedate the mother using three tranquilizers. She then fell into the hole herself, hitting her head, and causing more issues for the rescue team. The digger had to step in and remove the mother from the partial hole entrance. During this time, the one-year-old elephant was able to feed on her.

After removing the mother elephant from the hole, the calf started to cry out to her. Unfortunately, the mother was not waking up from the three doses of tranquilizer. Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation team had to step in and perform CPR on the mother elephant. Three vets jumped on top of the elephant to revive her. The baby elephant came out of the hole, running to its mother’s side.

After a short while, the mother got up. Her calf nuzzled against her and proceeded to feed. The two jumbos proceeded into the woods to reunite with their herd.

While this dramatic elephant rescue has a happy ending, it’s not like this for all Asian elephants. Numerous holes cause issues for these beautiful creatures and lead to their unfortunate death.

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