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Elephant Ripped Owner Apart in Thailand

In Thailand, an elephant ripped owner apart after being overworked. On Wednesday, police found a body of the 32 year old elephant owner in Phang Nga. The rubber plantation owner, Supachai Wongfaed, had used his elephant for work in the blazing heat. The elephant was fed up with it and did something about it.  

The 20-year-old elephant named Pom Pam was carrying rubber wood for the owner. The severe heat and exhaustion made him angry enough to stab his owner with his tusks. This is what the authorities believe had happened. They sedated the elephant in order to take the body of Wongfaed so the family could put him to rest.

This is not the first time nor will it be the last time we hear stories like this one. In Thailand, there is a 30 year ban on using elephants for carrying wood and logs. Despite this, elephant owners still use them for heavy lifting. Those that live out their days in captivity are either entertaining tourists or hauling heavy logs and equipment for the owners. Elephants, like people, have families and feelings. They are docile animals until you anger them. Like everyone, when we are pushed too hard we can all snap. 

Elephants Strike Back

Pom Pam is not the only elephant that has killed his owner in retaliation. Last month another owner was killed by her elephant. The elephant even crashed her funeral, to retaliate some more. Maybe those that are evil towards elephants don’t deserve to be laid to rest. 

In 2017, another famous elephant Phlai Ekasit, attacked and killed his handler. The elephant, which started in a number of films, was freed from his chains when he struck his 54 year-old owner. 

Will we ever learn to leave giant and majestic animals like elephants alone, to be in their natural habitat? Will we live to see the day when they are all freely roaming in the forests, without being beaten and chained? 

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