Elephant Calves Fight Over Milk

You’ll be glad to know that even elephant calves fight over snacks too, or in their case, mom’s milk. In an adorable video clip shared by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, Kenya, we get to see what happens when baby sister elephants wants more! In the thirty second video, the younger sister, Lexi, was not in the mood to share her mom’s milk. She kept nudging her three year old sister Lulu until she had enough and charged for her. With all her small might, she pushed into her sister to let her know enough is enough! The milk should be all hers and she doesn’t want to share. Once mom Lualeni moved aside, sister Lulu released a loud trumpeting sound.

Who’s the Bigger Baby?

Elephants transition from milk to solid food when they are around six months old. They can still nurse until they are two to six years old or until another calf is born. Or maybe once elephant calves fighter over milk. While Lulu is three years old and doesn’t need to nurse, she still wants to. The mom had no objection to this, until Lexi started a fight. Lualeni did what moms are good at, letting her kids figure it out amongst themselves. Some of us want to tell Lulu to be the bigger sister and let her younger sister have her take. And some of us want to tell Lexi that she’s younger and needs to learn to share. Either way, we love the video and it makes us smile every time we watch it.

Thanks to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust we are able to see elephant calves fight over mom’s milk. Do to their efforts since 1977, they have saved and rehabilitated numerous orphaned elephants and provided a safe haven for them. Lualeni was one of these orphaned elephants. She was found 17 years ago without her mom. According to the Instagram post, Lualeni mourned her loss for months. Today she is a loving mother to her two calves.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust not only helps rescue and rehabilitate elephants they also do community outreach, offer aerial surveillance and veterinary aid. They have helped over eight thousand wild animals that needed care and help operate 20 anti-poaching teams. You can help support this incredible team by donating, adopting an orphan elephant or rhino, purchasing their artwork or store merchandise.

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